Grandma's home turf


Today is Coraline’s Grandma’s Birthday. We won’t say her age as for years she managed to be sure we didn’t know. Coraline’s Grandma, my mum, is from Melbourne, Australia. She loves Coraline dearly and beautifully with customary quiet poetry of being.

Tomorrow we set off for Australia for mum’s home turf, into the arms of all our many and wonderful relatives who live there, and to see a good friend of mine. We have more stops afterwards to Canberra to see more family and friends (on Dad’s side) and to Perth to see dear friends. We had hoped to do this journey exactly a year ago, but Coraline’s heart condition did not permit, and here we are today, on Grandma’s Birthday, embarking on it tomorrow for five and a half weeks.

We asked Coraline’s Physiotherapist, Speech therapist and Portage worker what we could do whilst we are away in terms of exercises and they said, “nothing, have a brilliant holiday; have fun”. Just what Grandma would say too. #babytravels

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