About Us


We have a beautiful, captivating and adored baby daughter called Coraline. Born 7 August 2017, we discovered unexpectedly within hours, that she has Down's Syndrome and two holes in the heart.  We did not know anything about Down's Syndrome when she was born. This blog is about our journey of growth.

I would like to share what we learn and to inspire others and, in turn, to learn from others. The world feels very connected indeed, with Coraline in it. So many people have surrounded us with joy and love already. 

Our Blog is to show that everything in life comes back to love, and each post reflects our values. Our idea is to share some of the positive life wisdom we have gained from others as we write (both before and after Coraline was born). So, whilst the blog is about Coraline, it is also about this.

A little note about me: I have worked on international programmes in the field of Education in Cultural Relations for the past 15 years. I love other people, cultures, countries, travel, cosiness and writing. I adore the sea and outdoor swimming.

A little note about Kevin in his own words: “I love cooking, snowboarding, fine wines and open fires. I love Kung Fu films, especially with Jet Li. I really love dachshunds and sharing silly animal videos. I really love Coraline”

Kevin and I met when I was 39 years old and he was 37 years old. When I turned 41 we discussed trying for a baby as we had moved in together a few months before that. We were amazed when we conceived naturally within two months. All checks for Down's Syndrome during pregnancy came back low probability.

You can read more about us here in our Bio. on parenting website Guru Guru, where I write a monthly guest blog: Moms to know: Coraline and Us.