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Just be yourself

Oprah Winfrey said the best advice she’s ever been given, “just be yourself”. It reminded me that all Coraline is doing, and the stage she herself is uniquely at, is to be celebrated and is beautifully her. 

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Pregnancy, post one of eight

I pondered how when you’re pregnant you have a sense of how you feel, and you wonder who your baby is going to be. Then once you’ve met them, that’s it, that’s them. But it’s funny, during pregnancy you can only imagine them.

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Parenting experiences

Our article in Sutton & Epsom NCT magazine, Winter 2018 Edition, about our parenting experiences: “Love, acceptance and gratitude. Those are the three key things I think. I have adored these past months as a family with Coraline. My advice to other parents would be those three words: love, acceptance, gratitude.”

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