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Pulling herself up

We have seen huge progress in this the past month, with Coraline climbing right over our legs and pulling herself up a lot. She can even crawl up a step on her own now. It’s good to capture what she’s up to now at 22 months. 

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First two teeth

Coraline is nineteen months old. Babies with Down’s Syndrome expect to get teeth through between the ages of one to two years old. For typical babies it’s from six months old and usually in a certain order (generally bottom central incisors first).

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Parenting experiences

Our article in Sutton & Epsom NCT magazine, Winter 2018 Edition, about our parenting experiences: “Love, acceptance and gratitude. Those are the three key things I think. I have adored these past months as a family with Coraline. My advice to other parents would be those three words: love, acceptance, gratitude.”

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