Format of friends' pieces


I remember when I first wrote to friends about Coraline having Down’s Syndrome, so many friends wrote to us about a relative or a friend with Down’s Syndrome, and asked if we would like to chat to them. I spoke to some parents on the phone and in person, and realised that it would be brilliant to share others’ stories as well as our own. We will feature others' stories here of a beautiful life with Down's Syndrome in the section "Friends' Stories". Write to me if you would like to share your story.

We will also feature little interviews with friends on certain topics. I was amazed at the words and insights I received from friends in Coraline’s first weeks. As though helping hands appear to guide you. And I wanted to capture what I learned from them in the section "Guest topics". 

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Each piece has the following format:

Tell me about yourself/yourselves

Tell me about who you are writing about here (yourself/relative/friend)

How do we know each other?

What did you write to me/say to me in the early days of Coraline’s arrival?

Talk to me about ... (yourself/relative/friend/topic of your choice)

What are you/they passionate about?

What would you like to say to Coraline?

Anything you would like to add?





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