Where we have been featured



19 February 2019: The Down’s Syndrome Association posted on their facebook page that Coraline and Us, and a couple of other blogs about children with Down’s Syndrome, are finalists in the Bloody Awesome Parents SEND Blog Awards.

6 March 2019: The Sutton Guardian ran a piece about me being “in the running for second award” about my being in the final four for the wellbeing category of the Bloody Awesome Parents SEND Blog Awards.

15 March 2019: The Down's Syndrome Association asked me to write a piece for them about people and their response to finding out a baby has Down's Syndrome: us, our family, and our friends. They featured the piece, “Setting the tone” on their website on 15 March and on their facebook page on 18 March 2019.

21 March 2019: My London featured the piece “Setting the tone” which I had written for the Down’s Syndrome Association, on World Down Syndrome Day.

22 May 2019: The Sutton Guardian ran a piece “Mum who narrated journey wins BAPS award” about me winning the Wellbeing Award at the Bloody Awesome Parents SEND Blog Awards.


21 March 2018: Our first cross posting was on the Lansinoh Family Facebook page on World Down syndrome Day: "It’s World Down Syndrome Awareness Week! Blogger Liz has kindly shared her story of expressing breastmilk to feed her baby Coraline who has Down Syndrome. She’s successfully expressed her breastmilk using Lansinoh’s 2 in 1 breast pump. Read her experience here"

 22 March 2018: Top Tots 100, the UK’s biggest and most exciting network of parent blogs, invited me to write a post on, "Eight reasons why I blog about our gorgeous girl and what I hope to achieve". We are also honoured that they featured us in their list of 'Fabulous Bloggers to Follow' on Down's Syndrome. 

22 March 2018:  The Down's syndrome Association featured us on their Facebook page during Awareness Week and re-blogged our post Top ten things Coraline has taught us

30 April 2018: Blogger, Cedar's Story, posted up, "The BEST guide to Down Syndrome Blogs"; we are listed.

01 May 2018: Dear Mom Conference featured my "Dear Mom" letter on their Instagram account.

02 May 2018: Home-Start Sutton featured a link to our Blog Home-Start on their website and on the Home-Start Sutton Facebook page

10 May 2018:  Dear Mom Conference featured Kevin's "Dear Mom" letter on their Instagram account.

30 May 2018: Parenting website Gugu Guru featured our Bio under, "Moms to Know: Coraline and Us". They have asked us to write a monthly guest blog.

10 June 2018:  Dear Mom Conference featured my "Dear Mom" letter about Kevin on their Instagram account in the run up to Father's Day.

15 June 2018: BritMums , the U.K.s largest parent blogger collective, who champion and feature varied parenting and lifestyle blogs, featured my piece A Father's Day Tribute

24 June 2018: Parenting website Gugu Guru put up our first monthly guest blog with them. This one is about sleeping and is entitled "Coraline and Us: Ewan the Dream Sheep"

26 June 2018: The Down's Syndrome Association featured Coraline's Grandpa's piece, "A bit of a splash"

5 July 2018: The U.K. Blog Awards have a Thursday spotlight feature on a different blogger each week, and we were thrilled to be chosen. I wrote a piece about why I am blogging about Coraline: "Blogger Spotlight: Coraline and Us". 

7 Sept. 2018: We heard that Coraline and Us is a Finalist in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2018, in the category "Fresh Voice".

11 Sept. 2018: The Sutton Guardian Newspaper shared the #BiBs2018 finalist news in their printed paper and online: Coraline and Us: Mum who narrated journey is up for a BiB award

18 Sept. 2018: Down’s Syndrome Association shared the #BiBs2018 finalist news on their facebook page.

20 Sept. 2018: Down’s Syndrome Magazine shared the #BiBs2018 finalist news on their facebook page.

21 Sept. 2018: The Blog Cedar’s Story featured Coraline on, “Facebook Friends Friday

2 oct. 2018: The Blog Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too featured Coraline on their Facebook page, “Meet Coraline

2 Oct. 2018: Babiroo featured Coraline with their green/stripe reversible quilt for Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month. We met the founder in a service station café when Coraline was a few months old.

3 Oct. 2018: The Blog Cedar’s Story featured a photo of Coraline in their video: Down Syndrome - I am Worth It

25 Oct. 2018: The Blog Bean post farmstead featured our piece, Life with Coraline at One Year Old

28 Oct. 2018: Positive About Down Syndrome is an excellent website of parents’ stories, for parents, and parents-to-be. There is also a Facebook page and we were delighted a piece I wrote for them was featured on it.

Winter 2018: Sutton & Epsom NCT magazine, Winter 2018 Edition featured our article about our parenting experiences.