Why I am Writing This Blog

to celebrate Coraline

to share our love for Coraline

to learn from each other

to change perspectives

to raise awareness

to create understanding


You can read more in this article on Top Tots 100, the U.K.'s biggest network of parent blogs: Eight Reasons Why I blog about our gorgeous girl and what I hope to achieve

My background

For the past decade or so I have worked in Cultural Relations where the wonderful global programmes I have worked on, linking people up across countries, have been all about mutuality, broadening horizons and changing perspectives.

How I began writing for friends

In terms of starting up this website, I began to write about my experience in my first week in hospital after Coraline's birth, as I had the impulse to share, and the impulse to write. I have always loved writing. I set up my Instagram account and wrote little pieces from the heart on there which I cross posted to my own facebook. I thought my friends would be interested to know what we learned about Down’s Syndrome, and I also knew their wisdom would come back to us in response to what I wrote.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages and comments I received in response, which were the catalyst for me deciding to write more widely. I received so many insights, stories, contacts and comments that I felt it was bigger than me.

How I was inspired to write more widely than just for friends

Some of the beautiful comments I received from friends which inspired me in my first eight weeks writing and the first eight weeks of Coraline's life, before I began this website in October 2017, Down's Syndrome Awareness month: