Thinking outside the box

Talk to me about 'Thinking outside the box'

I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with pupils with additional learning needs.

Individualising and differentiating work became my aim. Why couldn’t everybody have a chance at success? There was far more to offer than a traditional GCSE route.

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A hug you can keep

Talk to me about 'A hug you can keep'

“The quilts that are given to the children become theirs forever, so not only do they give comfort while in hospital but they can continue to give comfort and a feeling of security after they’ve left hospital.”

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Talk to me about 'Leadership'

My secret, and you’ll laugh at this and say, how is that a secret?! But it must be, because so many people don’t do it! My secret is to show respect to all my staff, at all levels. I live by the Kevin Roberts, Lovemarks mantra - No respect. No love. No respect. No love.

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The world is Coraline's oyster

Talk to me about 'the world is Coraline's oyster'

Susan Douglas, British Council Senior Schools Adviser and CEO of the Eden Academy, told me there were two questions to ask in Coraline's early weeks:

What does Coraline need now? 

How do we adapt the way that we see the world to ensure we enable and empower her to be the best that she can be?

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Yes you can!

Talk to me about "Yes you can!"

Susie Rodgers MBE, Paralympic Gold Medallist 50m fly, Rio Paralympic Games, September 2016, talks about "Yes you can". "Everything is possible. I live my life by that motto. When I'm told 'can't' I think 'no, you're wrong'."

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