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One of my favourite times of day with Coraline is early morning after her first feed, sitting together like this. We sit together so I can hold her upright due to her reflux.

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We'll take care of her

They give you a real sense of community. I even filled in the online @bootsuk feedback form a while back as I wanted to honour how awesome they are. If you think, that’s just us; imagine all the other lucky customers they have.

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Day-to-day considerations

A Dietician from the Evelina recently prescribed high calorie formula to supplement the expressed breast milk Coraline has at the moment to help her gain weight. As her Godmother said, “Haven’t we all got a high calorie diet prescribed over Christmas?”

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Coraline will have her own portage worker from early next year until age three. They set objectives for play, behaviour, motor skills etc. and partner with speech language and occupational therapists.

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A consideration which we have for Coraline just now is one regarding visitors. I thought I would share this as it's something we are thinking about in our world with her at the moment, in advance of her heart operation

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