How we announced Coraline's arrival



This is how I announced it on facebook:

Here is Coraline, born on Monday the 7th of August. Life already felt beautiful , but now it feels filled with beauty wherever we look. Coraline very likely has Down’s Syndrome and has a few heart problems which may require surgery in a few months. We are so proud of her and she is mesmerising - we simply couldn’t be any happier.


Kevin wrote the following on facebook on 25th August 2017:

Finally have gotten round to putting words to the last 3 weeks of our lives. Suffice to say that many or most of you will know we had a little girl called Coraline on 7th August. Coraline was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) - If anybody is interested I have attached my viewpoint of the events.

Really looking forward to being a force for good in the world of Down’s syndrome - it is only through this experience that Liz and I have learnt that more and more babies with Down’s Syndrome are being ‘screened out’. It is not for me to get into a debate about what is a massively personal choice for people. It is more to share what we learn on our own journey, so that people get to see the positive as well as the negative possibilities before they make that choice.

He also attached a letter he had writtEN: