Our child


“My message to parents of children with Down’s Syndrome is at the same time easy and very difficult. Think of them as your child, not as someone with a disability. A child that you have to educate, not as a person with a disability that you have to take care of. It’s very different”:

Pablo Piñeda, writer, actor and lecturer and the first student with Down's Syndrome in Europe to obtain a university degree.

Last month or so, 21&Co, a charity run by parents which organises all sorts of activities and events locally enhancing the lives of children with Down's Syndrome, put up a video on their Facebook page of Pablo Piñeda talking and he said this in it. His words have rooted within us and stuck with us. 

I have admired Pablo Piñeda since before Coraline was born when, unconnected, a fabulous teacher friend of mine @ronymedina.art shared a video of his with me, telling me how amazing he was. In fact one of my early blogs was quoting from him.