Talking to Coraline


After six days we went home from the hospital. We had read before we had Coraline about how it's great and reassuring for a baby if you talk them through what you're doing and what's happening. So that's what we did since she was born. We stood with her and explained every procedure from the hearing test to the heel pricks to take blood as they were happening in the hospital.


The thing we had often talked about, and were looking forward to, was doing the "house tour". When we got home we talked her through her new surrounds from the path to the front door, and then explained each room of the house to her and what happens in it. The books we had read said they understand more than you think. And I suppose it makes sense; if you quietly tell them everything that's happening then nothing is a shock for them. I am so pleased we read this as it's a lovely thing to do with her and has set up the way we talk to her.