The path of love


I remember my old life coach saying to me, "you can choose to take the path of fear or the path of love". I spoke to a friend who was wrestling with a difficult decision, which she knew deep down was right, in the second week after Coraline was born. I told her with such conviction, "if there's one thing I am certain about now, never let fear stop you from doing anything".

This is because I recall, when we thought about trying for a baby, all the thoughts which went through my mind to the tune of, "can I do this?" It took a leap of faith to go for it and get past the fear. I know that there is a distinction between the heart and the mind. If you listen to the thoughts of the mind you can get bound up in those. But those spiralling thoughts are not our real deeper self. Our self is our gut instinct, and what our heart says if you are still and listen to that.

For me, it all comes back to living from the heart. And choosing to walk the path of love. And right now with Coraline it is love, love, love.

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