I have recently been thinking, what if my Blog posts might feel a bit too positive? I wrote a recent post on the Valueswhich underpin writing this blog. One of these is Authenticity. I do believe that the way you express yourself creates your experience, which is why our posts are positive. It is also how I feel.

I should add that back in 2014 I had a pretty negative script running in my head. That is why I began work with my life-coach who I often quote in these posts. She asked me to imagine if I was hanging out with myself, and  all I said to myself were unkind things then it would be hard to be around myself and I would start to believe them. She also said to imagine if I were looking after a child would I speak to them like that? 

She said to me, “Are you and unkind person?” and I said, “No,” and she then said, “your thinking is not consistent with who you are. Even if you believe those things about yourself, it’s not kind to say them". And by making these changes this is how I came to have a default positive view of life.

Of course I still dip back to unhelpful thoughts, like last week when we went for Coraline’s sedated echo and the paediatrician said, “yes you must keep being vigilant not to expose Coraline to anyone who is ill” and I immediately thought, “do we have to? I can't keep doing this. Why is it so different for us than for everyone else? We can’t do what everyone else does” etc. So my thinking does of course go down these paths! But these days I do more to sit back and observe them, and not latch into them. And, as I said, my overarching feeling is a happiness within. I also simply love and adore Coraline, and that thought is a constant.

So I wanted to explain the root of our positive posts, as it’s honestly how I feel, but I wanted to say that I do of course have all the unproductive thinking too. It’s also exactly what I would love to read myself. As I write my posts this year, I will be mindful to include all of our untamed positivity, and also a pinch of those thoughts, for Authenticity!