Monthly Cardiology appointment


Coraline had her monthly Cardiology check on Monday - they said the top atrial hole has closed itself and the bottom ventricular hole has almost sealed due to tissue growing around it; there's just a mm gap. She does only have one valve but it's functioning like two, but it has a small leak. So it could be the only operation they need to do is to repair the valve, and they will keep tabs on the valve and delay this as long as possible as the valve leak may cope O.K. due to the holes now not putting that much pressure on it.

They don’t think she will have an operation in the foreseeable future (though she will have one at some point) and we will check in with them every 2-3 months and they will keep letting us know. We were very pleased with this news. They said that we need to keep protecting her from bugs as she would still be "compromised" if she caught something now, but that we can probably relax things in about April/May when she's a bit bigger and illnesses season is less. They will let us know at our next appointment.

We saw another Cardiologist that we know in the hallway and told him and he said, "that's great, but what are you going to do about the cuteness?”

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