Lots of socks

Lots of Coraline's socks

Lots of Coraline's socks


21.3.18 is World Down syndrome Day. The date signifies the three copies of chromosome 21 that all people with Down's syndrome have. This is why Down's Syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21.


The #LotsOfSocks campaign is to help spread awareness for World Down Syndrome Day! When our chromosomes are lined up they look like lots of socks hanging on a washing line. 

We would love it if you wear colourful odd socks on Wednesday 21 March. The idea is that then people ask you why you are wearing odd socks and you can help raise awareness and tell them about World Down Syndrome Day. 

If you like you can post up your picture, and the conversation you had, and you can use the hashtag #LotsOfSocks and #WDSD18 and tag us @coralineandus.

You can simply wear the socks and start conversations, which we would love! Also, if you like, you can donate £1 to support 21&Co which is a local parent run charity which looks after and provides services to 200 families with children with Down's syndrome in our area. You can donate on their website. Or ask your team at work to wear odd socks and donate £1 each.

For the Biology of it, each cell in the body has 23 pairs of chromosomes = 46. The 23rd cell is the xx (female) or xy (male) pair of chromosomes. Normally the egg and sperm cell have 46 chromosomes each and divide in half when they meet. But sometimes the egg or sperm cell keeps both copies of 21. That extra copy is in every cell of the body. People with Down's Syndrome have one extra copy of chromosome 21.