The sling


Coraline and I go everywhere in the sling. We once met a woman on a flight back from Sicily when I was pregnant who had three children and she said she took them everywhere in the sling which gave me the confidence to feel that was O.K. when I first began taking Coraline about in it.

This photo was when I first took her out in it back when she was a month or so old after we’d finally worked out how to use it from YouTube videos. I remember three people coming up to chat to me on our walk and how exciting that was. The sling is so easy. Coraline always sleeps in it. It’s easy at the tills in a supermarket as she’s asleep.

Today, for the first time, I took Coraline in the pram into central London (half an hour) on the old route I used to commute to meet the lovely @duerdenfatima for lunch. It felt brave to do it. She’s a little heavier so I wanted to try the pram (but I know you can adapt the sling or sling hold as the baby gets bigger).

This time four people came up to me to offer to help Coraline and me on and off the train with her in the pram and the guard followed us on just now on our way home and said, “excuse me, what station are you getting off? I’ll keep an eye out for you”. So sweet. A little thing today, but a big thing! Being bold. The sling did make a cameo at lunch though for Coraline to have a sleep as she was wide eyed for her pram journey into London.