Isn’t it wonderful that one of the most oft said things people have said to me since Coraline was born is,

“trust your instincts” 

From my mum, to the midwife who visited when she was a couple of days old, to a friend recently saying to me,

“you know what is right for you and your baby”.

My mum told me to remember Dr. Spock’s first line in his book, “Baby and Childcare” -

“you know more than you think you do”.

I like that the first chapter that line is from is called, “Trust yourself and your children” (I don’t know enough about Dr. Spock to comment on his philosophies, but I know I love this line).

We trust Coraline. We also trust life!

My old lifecoach used to say,

“There’s a reason you are where you are. There’s a bigger picture going on. Life puts you somewhere. Trust.  Be in the flow. Trust life is looking after you. Be in the flow.”