Going the extra mile


This is a quality Kevin and I love. And one it struck me to write about because we have been surrounded by it by friends, family and medical professionals since Coraline was born. This simple act brings so much into your orbit.

Our health visitors have come to our house weekly to weigh Coraline as we were advised not to go to the Children’s Centre to weigh her, due to her immunity. It’s not something they usually do. Now we have the go ahead from her Cardiology team to go out and about more we can go there but here’s a heartfelt thank you to them for coming each week. 

This is a throwback memory about Dieudonné, our Consultant Paediatrician at our hospital. I have written before about how he goes the extra mile in my post, "Listening and Smiling", when we met him the month Coraline was born.

There was a time when Coraline was two months old and we had taken her into A&E at our hospital as we were concerned about something medical which turned out to be nothing, but we had gone in because of being conscious of her heart condition. It was a Sunday so we could not ring the usual Cardiology team phone number we have been given if ever we have any queries (how dedicated is that).

Dieudonné then rang a couple of days later, as he hadn’t been there when we went in, which I think is amazing in itself for a Consultant Paediatrician to take that personal care. He said in his usual lovely manner, “I see you were in at the weekend, tell me what happened,” and I said, “umm I think we were being hypochondriacs,” and he said, “no, just mum and dad”. Just like that he makes you walk tall.