In the last week of May Coraline and I went to the Children’s Centre and, later in the week, to a baby class for the first time after getting the go ahead from her Cardiologist.

In one rush I realised what it had been these past nine months, keeping Coraline healthy and not going out too much or to classes. I had thought we didn’t miss it at all, but after going we felt a soaring connection and sense of fun.

I explained to Kev what I hadn’t realised it had been like these past months. I said I hadn’t realised it has been isolating. I feel like the world just opened up. He said, “it’s a bit like driving. You think you’re fine, and you don’t need it at all, but then once you get your licence you think wow, this is liberating, this is great” It’s a good job I am simultaneously taking refresher driving lessons (first one yesterday) as I have my licence but don’t drive at the moment.