Hello eTwinning


I used to work on an amazing programme called eTwinning, linking up classes of pupils in schools across Europe and neighbouring countries to do free, online collaborative projects together on topics of their choice, and broaden horizons and change perspectives.

It’s the kind of thing I will be championing Coraline’s future school to do. It’s eTwinning U.K.’s Annual Conference this weekend and ordinarily I’d be there, so here’s a huge shout out to all the fabulous, inspirational, energy filled teachers there and to my old wonderful team too. You’ve taught me a lot! Your love for Coraline is incredible too. Imagine that collective educational knowledge behind us since she was born!

Here she is sporting an “eTwinning” headband made by the sister of beautiful, artistic Portuguese eTwinning Ambassador @elisabetefiel. You meet such vibrant people through @etwinning_europe so we are picturing you all fuelling each other this weekend and smiling