Sitting up for the first time


Wednesday June 13th was a historic day as Coraline sat up on her own for the first time that I’ve seen her! It’s as though one minute she wasn’t, the next minute she was! 

This is really awesome to see as we’ve seen lots of other typical babies her age sitting up for the past few months, and Coraline has now just followed suit! Her Community Paediatrician said just the Monday of that same week, “we can’t predict when Coraline will sit up as all babies with Down Syndrome develop at their own rate, but when she does sit up it will be key and her world will open up”.

Coraline has hypotonia (low muscle tone). Her Physiotherapist does a lot of work with her on her core as this enables her to access her shoulder movement and then reach out e.g. for a crisp which she just did yesterday. She also works on her pelvis as for Coraline trying to stand up would feel wobbly at the moment as she doesn’t have a lot of stability in her pelvis. 
Her Paediatrician told me that Coraline will tire more easily, as she said that whilst you can strengthen floppy muscles, they will fatigue. So Coraline is constantly working harder than a typical baby to do all she’s doing. However you don’t really notice this fatigue at the moment as Coraline is so interested in exploring things. We are so excited about her sitting up!