Happy Birthday Coraline!


Happy Birthday to our girl Coraline. One year old! This is you in your first week in hospital. I thought you were so beautiful then, as I do today.

Last year I wrote in a blog post about how a ladybird visited the night before you were born and funnily enough a ladybird came to visit me and Kevin last night. In my ladybird post I wrote that it symbolised, “luck, protection, blessings (particularly for babies), intuition, being open to receiving gifts if you get out of your own way”. Thank you for getting me out of my own way Coraline.

On this day, the day you were born, my heart cracked and the tears fell when we received the news you had Down’s Syndrome. Since then my heart is fuller and deeper than ever. You bring me to my best self. “My heart’s best treasure” - that’s what William Wordsworth wrote in a poem of one of his daughters, who is thought perhaps to have had Down’s Syndrome.

You are helping us all to find the treasure in our hearts. You are our girl, you are a joy to be with and we love you dearly. At age one you possess an #equanimity and an #equilibrium#ourgirl #happybirthday #love #love #love