He will be fine


Coraline was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for her first couple of days last year. Kevin would career along corridors between our room and Coraline in there sporting these slippers from our holiday in Greece the year before.

A couple of these photos are from when she came from there to our room after 48 hours. He’d race home and make food for me as he wanted me to eat well, dash between me and Coraline (and I would come and visit her in a chair too) and proclaim to anyone about how amazing she was, how beautiful she was. Kevin was high energy!

Our Consultant Paediatrician from that week, Dieudonné, came to our wedding last month. We invited him as he was such a source of wisdom and relaxedness for us. When we asked, he said yes, there and then, without pausing to consider. He moved hospitals recently so is no longer our Paediatrician in an official capacity.

He told my Dad at the wedding how during those first few days, when he was the Consultant Paediatrician on duty, some of the midwives came up to him and said, “this man is so upbeat and exuberant, we’re concerned he’s going to crash,” and Dieudonné told my Dad that he had said (gently, happily, assuredly, I imagine as is his manner), “don’t worry, I’m a pretty good judge of character and he will be fine”. #love