Kindness; another of our values and such an amazing one. “Growing and giving,” that’s what Tony Robbins says it’s all about. The most amazing epiphany for me from my old lifecoach @sophia_davis_coach was realising kindness starts with the self, with how you talk to yourself.

She said to imagine I was hanging out with myself and would I want to spend time with myself if I talked that way? She went on to say that if your value is kindness then you’re not being consistent with who you are by talking to yourself in any other way. Compassion and kindness for yourself for the thoughts you think. No judgement, just compassion. So it starts with the self and then it blooms all around. Transformative!

A friend recently put up a video talking about kindness where he said, “kindness is kingly,” and that the people he remembers most in life are those who have been kind to him. I liked that our Paediatrician said that he treats all his patients like he would treat his family. Kindness, kindness, kindness. I think it’s one of the most important values. 
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