First Date Anniversary


Today is the fourth anniversary of Kevin and my first date. We met on Tinder. This year, we're going to go back to where we went that first date. We'll meet outside Charing Cross station, walk to a wine bar, where Kev will order a Madeira (!) and show me his video of the ice bucket challenge whilst we sit on some steps. Then we'll go to dinner and the pub.

I remember walking to the wine bar and feeling instantly "at home". I even said after our first date, "I think I've met the man I'm going to marry". But it's not quite like the movies, (or perhaps it is!), as Kevin promptly cancelled our second date. But he re-installed it a week later and we went ten pin bowling. He informed me he wasn't going to let me win. He won. But I must say I am pretty good at ten pin bowling. 

It is such a happy evening setting out on our fourth "first date" anniversary. Coraline has her own date with her beloved Margaret and Dave next door. 

Thank you to @jopayne77 for choosing Kevin for me on Tinder; that's another story!