Can-do outlook


For Down’s Syndrome Awareness month friends are writing little posts to #inspirecoraline. Here’s one from my old housemate Pippa, pictured here in the hospital with Coraline at three days old.

Advice for Coraline and family:

“Always listen to your dad, rather than your mum when it comes to food - otherwise you’ll be eating boiled mushrooms. Fact.”

What Coraline has made me more aware of:

“Coraline has made me aware of how it’s in our power to embrace all the good things that life offers if we try not to stand in our own way with self-doubt and negative, self-critical thoughts. Seeing Liz and Kevin’s love ensure that Coraline has only a positive, can-do outlook on life as she grows up reminds me that I must do the same - for myself. Surround yourself with people who love you and support you to be your best and in turn, love and support those around you too.” 

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