Be patient


For Down’s Syndrome Awareness month friends are writing little posts to #inspirecoraline.

Here’s one from our Irish friend Karen who I met on a tourbus in Africa taking us from Zambia to Zanzibar. This was after I’d been working on a mobile library bus in Zambia for a couple of months.

“Your story is one of love, gratitude, inclusion, celebration and self belief and it is touching hearts far and wide.

So, I have been giving some thought to the best piece of advice I can pass on to Coraline. I have arrived at two little gems that I come back to time and time again when I'm feeling a bit stuck.

The first is 'What's for you won't pass you by'... It doesn't get more Irish than that now does it!

The second is 'Feelings pass'. I guess it comes down to being patient, being patient with others but more importantly being patient with yourself, knowing that in life the difficult feelings, the disappointments, the challenges don't last forever, they will pass. They are paving the way for you to shine. Stay encouraged. Trust that staying true to yourself, pursuing your dreams, doing the things that light up your soul, living your very best life will lead you on a path of adventure compassion and contentment. 💚”

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