"There is no better you"

Our Wedding Day, Thursday 19 July 2018

Our Wedding Day, Thursday 19 July 2018


For Down’s Syndrome Awareness month friends are writing little posts to #inspirecoraline.

Here’s one from our Canadian friend Sarah. She sent us the “5 Lessons in Life from Dr.Seuss” to include with this post. Kevin’s tie is back so Coraline doesn’t chew it.

“When I first heard of your birth from your daddy by email, I swear I could feel the joy in his words from across the ocean, all the way from England to Canada. He was so proud! When I finally got to meet you your daddy bounced into the house, again with a face full of pure joy. At your parents’ wedding in July I could see their faces light up whenever they were near you. You are so loved little girl. Always remember that there is no better you.”

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