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So it’s the end of #downsyndromeawarenessmonth. I love that in the #inspirecoraline posts friends and family talked about love, and that that’s what Coraline’s made them aware of. I’m so pleased that’s come to the fore.

My old lifecoach @sophia_davis_coach taught me that everything is about love. Choosing the path of love over the path of fear. She’d say, if ever you were having difficulties with a person, “send them love”. Choosing to focus on what you love about your job and so on. And then the biggest thing I learned from her? Self-love!

When you have this you radiate and the world radiates back. I remember her saying to me, write down ten things you love to do, then make time to go out and do them and you will begin creating this kind of energy. I think she also said, “everything you need is within you”. She’d say it’s just about kinder thinking to yourself. Everything you need is self-love, as everything shines with that. I think you also have a bit of a serenity from it. Above all, that’s what we are instilling in Coraline #love

Inspire Coraline, ValuesLiz