At Coraline's side


“I don’t know if I anaesthetised her or you hypnotised her”. I thought that was a rather lovely comment from the Anaesthetist when Kevin and I had taken Coraline down for her surgery.

We’d always known we wanted to be right there when she went in and when she woke up. I kept talking to her as she was being anaesthetised sat on my lap, and Kevin stood right in front of her.

The other moment we liked was the day before surgery, when we had a day of “pre-assessment” for Coraline. One of the things was a heart echo during which Kevin sang to her to distract her. There is a famous jazz club in London called Ronnie Scott’s and the lady doing the echo said, “ooh it’s Daddy Scott’s in here”.

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, Kevin and I made sure one of us was at Coraline’s side at all times during our stay in hospital. You can guess who did the night shifts (after sleeping a few hours in the early evening) because he is generally rather amazing! Daddy Scott!

These photos are Coraline and me in the parents room, shortly before we took her down to surgery, with one of her favourite toys, a shower sponge (given to us by her Developmental Play lady from Portage who comes fortnightly). #nhs #thankyou

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