First two teeth


Coraline and me on the train home from visiting Grandpa in Shropshire last week.

It was under the fluorescent lights of the station we changed trains at, that I spied with surprise, and great pride, that Coraline quietly had two top molars in place peeping through. These are her first two teeth. It’s so funny that they were there, and had been making their way through, unbeknownst to us. And there they were, through and arrived. It was the first time I’d seen them!

Coraline is nineteen months old. Babies with Down’s Syndrome expect to get teeth through between the ages of one to two years old. For typical babies it’s from six months old and usually in a certain order (generally bottom central incisors first). The interesting thing is that for babies with Down’s Syndrome they come later and in a random order. Some teeth facts for the last day of #downsyndromeawarenessweek

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