Pregnancy, post one of eight

Me and Kev three weeks before Coraline was born.

Me and Kev three weeks before Coraline was born.


At the time of my pregnancy I was working on a programme called eTwinning, linking schools up across Europe, and bordering countries, to do online project work together. I loved working in the U.K.’s cultural relations organisation in central London, travelling overseas often, and sharing knowledge and creating understanding between people across countries. I was a really organised type of person to work with! 

I worked closely with 100 U.K. teachers who are “Ambassadors” for eTwinning who are passionate and innovative in their teaching. Imagine how lucky we are now as a family that we are friends with them.

When I was four months pregnant, at a Conference with them, everyone cheered when one of my colleagues said at dinner, “Congratulations to Liz who is expecting a future global citizen in August 2017”.

I wrote to Coraline in a little diary we kept for her during my pregnancy, “I feel so lucky that for 15 years of my life I’ve been involved in international cultural work and amazing worthwhile programmes. I hope the international, and other cultures, and love for them run through your schooling and life and that you have many an inspiring teacher like these ones.”

I had gone for a promotion within the team at the time, and another role in the organisation and had not got them. I would then doubt a little if I should keep going for things, as I wasn’t sure I could get them. I would do it differently now. I would simply believe, and keep going for it (thank you Declan @lifewithoutlimitsconsulting for showing me that). However, of course, I was in exactly the right job at the right time when I was pregnant with Coraline, calm and happy, and that’s how it was meant to be. #globalcitizen

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