En route to the BAPS SEND Awards



Kev and I are on the road to the #bapsawards in Coventry!

We are in the final four in the “Wellbeing” category together with @mummytries @peacewithpda and @itsatinkthing (selected by judges from an initial 15 nominees in the category).

The winner is decided on votes. We can’t wait to chat to, and meet everyone! Also coming are Coraline’s Godmother Payne and my younger brother Ed! Yippee!

Thank you so much @wearemfon and @bustogether for organising these awards and giving us a chance to all get excited, meet each other and celebrate! The awards are for parents and carers of children with additional needs.

What an amazing sunny day for it! Very excited! Coraline is going to be having her own amazing time with our neighbours Margaret and Dave today and tonight who so generously told us to make a day of it. We think they are incredible! So does Coraline (picture of her off on an adventure with them on Monday).

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