Pregnancy, post eight of eight

(photo of Coraline in new pyjamas in April)

(photo of Coraline in new pyjamas in April)


“I am very proud to have been Coraline’s obstetrician! I carry her in my heart!" (Susana)

Coraline was born on Monday 7th August 2017 by scheduled caesarean. This was when we learned she had Down's Syndrome, but that is a whole other story (written about in my blog, which I started writing from the hospital when she was three days old).

So, there is our story. I am happy I had such a relaxed pregnancy.

The care at the hospital was exceptional before Coraline’s birth, and for her first year. All midwives and staff we met were so friendly and caring during our routine appointments. To celebrate Coraline’s first birthday we chose to go back to visit the ward, to mark the week we spent there after she was born, and to say thank you for all our amazing care.

To finish off the pregnancy posts, here's a little entry into Coraline's diary two weeks before she was born (we'd write in it here and there but not everyday):

“I was really tired today (pregnancy fatigue). You are such a blessing and have been so easy but I do get wiped out with tiredness some days, and am making an effort to cancel things and not be so social so as to take care of me and you. Sleep is disrupted. Your dad is incredible, taking care of dinner and so positive, happy and supportive. He said last night, 'I have a new goal. To be the best dad I can be'. 'You already are,' I said."

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