Things we love about Coraline at eight weeks old, October 2017

  1. The fact she rolled over fully from her back onto her front at seven weeks old.
  2. She is so alert, looking all around the room and at us
  3. She loves to kick blankets off
  4. She can even kick trousers and socks off when going to sleep
  5. She falls asleep in the sling immediately
  6. Her calm personality and her poise and strength at her appointments
  7. She squawks for food instantaneously when she wakes up, and sticks her arms out
  8. She is so lovely and gently follows her routine; eat, activity, sleep
  9. She sleeps through the night since she was seven weeks old e.g. 7pm-7am!
  10. Her tiny hands and her tiny nail file (we must not forget her Tiffany’s hairbrush too)