To-do lists


To-do lists, and lists and responding to emails! I thought I’d write about these as they have been a fixture since Coraline was born. One of the things Kevin has heard the most is, “but I need to do my emails”. It’s quite funny when you add wedding planning into the mix too.

An old boss came to visit and to see Coraline and she said, “oh yes those to-do lists. I remember you used to have them at work and they always used to stress you out. There’s always going to be something to do”. A bit of an epiphany there: I suddenly realised it’s not about the to-do lists; it’s about my attitude to them, as I look at them as though I must do everything immediately at once. If I approach them with a state of overwhelm before I’ve even begun, then that’s what’s going to come back at me. The “overloading” is my mind and not the things on the to-do list. I jump between everything at once instead of calm focus.

As my old lifecoach @sophia_davis_coach used to say, “it’s all a mirror. There’s no point trying to change the mirror. You need to change yourself to change the mirror. Life will give you whatever you say. If you tell yourself ‘I’ve loads of time, I can do this’ your body has to feel calm’. She said, “everytime you hit default overload just say, ‘I am totally on top of all this, there’s loads of time’, laugh at it, don’t take it so seriously and look at it with a light heart and watch what changes!”

She also said to pick someone super relaxed who I admire in how they get things done and then to copy them and imagine that they have stepped into me and that that’s how I now do things. So, I am going to do this. Ask me in a month about my to-do lists and let’s see what I say!