Father's Day tribute to Kevin


BritMums, the U.K.’s largest parent blogger collective, who champion and feature interesting and varied parenting and lifestyle blogs, featured a piece about Kevin on their website on 15 June 2018: A Father's Day Tribute.

Here’s a little excerpt giving a slice of our life:

“Kevin, our ‘chauffage centrale’. Kevin our beating heart. In my deepest heart I credit Kevin with setting joy as our backdrop when Coraline was born. Joy is the furniture of our house. He teaches me by example, about just going for things and just letting go of anything that doesn’t work out. He says that comes from 17 years working as a chef in the kitchen. He doesn’t work as a chef now but has decided to cater for 150 guests at our D.I.Y. Wedding coming up in July.

Kevin simply loves Coraline with all his heart and is fearless around her. He thinks nothing of the two of them heading off on an adventure in the car for the day together. He only uses strong and positive language about her to her and to those we interact with and he is steadfast in his belief in her.

Sometimes at the weekend he will have Coraline for three hours, then I will have Coraline for three hours so we both get “me” time, then we come back together. We each go out one night a week whilst the other stays home and puts Coraline to bed. Happy upcoming Father’s Day Kevin! And, as you can see, it’s Happy Father’s Day Liz and Coraline too!” Thank you so much for featuring us BritMums.