Looking after Coraline



Coraline will be four weeks old tomorrow! Tomorrow we will be going to the Evelina London Children's Hospital for an appointment with Paediatric Cardiology. She has two holes in the heart, a condition known as AVSD (Atrioventricular Septal Defect) which can be common in children with Down's Syndrome. This was suspected at birth and confirmed when she was two days old when Kevin travelled with her from Kingston Hospital to the Evelina. They will check how she is doing tomorrow with a view to an operation in a few months' time.

I remember receiving a phonecall from the team at the Evelina when she was just over a week old. It was to give us a dedicated phone line for a team of six of them to call if we needed anything or if we had any concerns. They said to me, "you will have a lot to do with us over the following years. There will be lifelong follow up every two to three years and into adult life". At the time, for a moment, I thought "wow, that's how things are going to be..." Afterwards I quickly thought, actually how amazing to have that contact, and to be so very supported and to have all these medical experts caring for Coraline and us. How blessed we are. They also said that they will look after her heart and Kingston Hospital will look after the whole of her. As will we! 


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