The ladybird


As I went to sleep the night before Coraline was due to be born by caesarean, Kevin's 40th Birthday, I noticed a ladybird climbing up my bedside light. I followed its climb thinking that I never see ladybirds. I remembered the time in Bass Lake, California, a few years ago when two dragonflies landed on my face together. They did so whilst I was swimming with the stunning backdrop and not a soul around, apart from me, my brother and the Canadian geese. My old life coach said to look up their symbolism (they are about transformation and change).


So, I thought this time I would look up the ladybird: luck, protection, blessings (particularly for babies), intuition, being open to receiving gifts if you get out of your own way, and wishes being fulfilled. So I suppose it symbolised 'abundant blessings are on the way; be open to receiving them'. I like that this sign spelling her name, which our friend gave us when Coraline was born, has a ladybird and some butterflies. My brother decided at Bass Lake that his symbolic animal was the butterfly after they danced around him as we left the lake that July day. And we know that Coraline is under the wing of the most loving wider family in England, Ireland, Holland and Australia. So the butterfly is - the magic of life and enjoying the here and now. A while ago a lady said to me there were opportunities all around me but I just wasn't seeing them. My eyes are open now!