A couple of years ago we were on the same table at a wedding as a couple from Australia. We loved them as they were warm and hilarious. We found ourselves telling the Irish midwife who came to our house on our first day home from hospital with Coraline all about this. She said, "well that encounter was meant to happen". What we were telling her was that we stayed in touch with them, and they had a beautiful baby girl with Down's Syndrome, who is now just over a year old. 


In the first days after Coraline was born, and we were in the hospital, Kevin emailed them as he felt that I needed to hear some words from them. They wrote back the most amazing reply. In a later message they wrote to recommend two books to us about Down's Syndrome. One was, "Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents' Guide" as it explains what you need to know and what to expect at each age. The other is this one: "Down's Upside, a positive view of Down's Syndrome" which is a beautiful book of photographs of children with Down's Syndrome and a short paragraph to accompany each picture from their parents. They recommended it, "as you can get info. overload and this is just lovely photos of gorgeous kids". Here are Coraline and me in our first weeks at home with our copy. 

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