A bit of a splash


Coraline's Grandpa has written this for Coraline, on the occasion of her turning nine months old this week:

"I remember clearly talking with Liz and her younger brother before Coraline was born. What did I think she would be like, they asked? A surprisingly vivid image came to mind. I said that I thought she would be unusual, with a distinctive presence, and would influence many people in unforeseen ways. She would be gentle and idealistic. She would be self-possessed and have a deep inner calmness. Those were not the exact words I used but, I think, reasonably close to what I said and felt*. 

The extraordinary thing is that Coraline’s little life is already evolving along precisely these lines. People respond to something special and unusual in her. I love her little, gentle cry and the way she can fix her gaze on you as though she is peering into your very soul. Her sense of wonder, concentration and connection with the world around her are beautifully captured in this photograph. 

What would I want to say to Coraline? That she is a blessing, and that she has chosen her parents wisely! And that we will love each other deeply."

*Note from Liz: I remember Dad's words, "she's going to make a bit of a splash," and my brother and I both laughing at that.