Kevin's "Dear Mom" letter


Ah wow, Kevin has written his own “Dear Mom” letter as Dear Mom Conference Instagram were inviting Dads to write in this month:
Dear Mom,

Where to begin with Liz - quite simply she is the most amazing mama to Coraline I could ever have imagined. I just wanted to paint a very brief outline. Almost immediately after Coraline’s arrival we learned fairly quickly that she ‘most likely’ had Down Syndrome. Liz had a period of around 24 hours where her expectation of what Coraline would be like were greatly challenged, there were a great many tears, and many fears also. 

This photo is around 24 hours after Coraline was born and was the first opportunity that Liz had to meet Coraline after the initial craziness of the previous day (Coraline was immediately whisked off to the NNICU for a couple of days and Liz was recovering after the surgery and not able to move).

For me it sums up everything I could ever have hoped for, and the moment will forever be imprinted in my mind as the moment I knew we would thrive and celebrate our beautiful girl. From that moment, Liz was so in love with Coraline that I still get a little teary when I look at this photo. 

Liz is just so wonderful with Coraline - she is a calming influence and does so many wonderful things for everyday such as reading her stories, countless appointments with doctors, paediatricians, portage, speech therapists, child services and many more. Liz loves reading and has read so many books on parenting which really have ensured we have given Coraline the best ever start in life. 

Liz already knows what I think of all that she does, but I want to shout it loud as I am so grateful and in awe of all that she is, and all that she does ❤️❤️

Attitude, BirthLiz