We'll take care of her


Here are Roisin and Ted at our local @bootsuk chemist. I love Roisin and Ted!

Ted always says to me, “we’ll take care of her,” which makes me leave the shop smiling.

He also says if ever I can’t make it down to pick up a repeat prescription from Coraline’s Cardiologist (the only medication she is now on) that he will drop it in to our house when he’s driving home. This also makes me leave the shop smiling at how kind he is.

Coraline used to be prescribed little bottles of infantrini to help her put on weight and whenever we came in Ted would say, “more milk?” And he’d know where it was and have it out the back in a special place for us.

Roisin, our Pharmacist, is incredible. Friendly and funny, she has the most wonderful knowledge and way of explaining things that you leave feeling well informed and confident.

They give you a real sense of community. I even filled in the online @bootsuk feedback form a while back as I wanted to honour how awesome they are. If you think, that’s just us; imagine all the other lucky customers they have.

Attitude, HealthLiz