Our Bonsai


“I love that bonsai tree; it symbolises our life. They’re the same age and they both came back from an initial adversity. They’re the same age and they’re both flourishing”. Says Kevin.

Coraline’s adversity was going into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 48 hours due to a high haemaglobin count and having a blood dilution then us staying in hospital for a week for other tests. The Bonsai, meanwhile, was in our consevatory for an impromptu week in the August sun whilst we were at the hospital. Its leaves all went brown and crisp and so Kevin pruned it all carefully and kept watering it until its leaves began growing again. They’re rather massive now, not like you’d expect a Bonsai’s leaves to look, but we love it. It’s beautiful.

The second photo is the Bonsai when I presented it to Kevin on his 40th Birthday which was the day before Coraline was born. I’d adorned it with alternate quotes from Mr Miyagi and our wonderful ‘active birthing workshop leader’ and the plan was for Kevin to guess which quote was which.

How funny that the quotes too suit Coraline & Us & our bonsai!