Open doors


Here we are on the morning of my wedding on Thursday 19 July 2018. My maid of honour @jopayne77 and peaceful and creative @sylwiakunyszmua who came to do our hair and makeup.

My Dad took this picture when he arrived at the Petersham Hotel . The hotel was a wedding gift from my younger brother. It was beautiful as the room had a wide balcony overlooking the river and the heatwave was all around. Whilst Sylvia was doing my makeup I could see a wasp at the window and it kept trying repeatedly to get out of the glass in front of it but the window was closed.

It reminded me of a story which is part of a course Kevin and I are doing with our wonderful friend Declan @lifewithoutlimitsconsulting about setting personal and professional goals and going for them full force, trusting they will happen.

The story is from the book “You 2” by Price Pritchett. It’s about a fly who just keeps on doing the same thing, trying to get out a window in the same way again and again, but it’s shut; if only it looked ten feet away there’s an open door. I was saying this because a few feet away in our room was an open door. As I finished telling her the story, the wasp duly turned and soared out the door.

I thought that was rather lovely for my wedding morning and something to remember from the visiting wasp. #weddingmorning #lifelesson

Attitude, PhilosophicalLiz