Trust in life


Trust in Life. I think this is a massive value. Tony Robbins, of whom I am a big fan, says we think we know what’s best for us, but actually sometimes it’s good for us to be open to other possibilities. There’s the word “open” again. I love this line that he says to remember:

“life is happening for us, not to us”.

There is a great video where Tony Robbins talks about blueprints. He says we all have a blueprint for how we think certain areas of our life should be for us personally e.g. relationships, career etc. He says you feel out of sorts when your reality doesn’t match your blueprint.

He says there are two choices here to feel full; change your life, or change your blueprint. Sometimes, however, you can’t change your life. He said (and I am paraphrasing), “your blueprint is just a projection of what you think you need to make you happy,” and, “if you update the blueprint, suddenly your life feels full and you access a different part of yourself. You can find a benefit in the situation which takes your life to the next level”. “Sometimes not getting your blueprint is the most important thing that ever happened to you.” “It gives you your destiny”. I wrote a lot about expectations when Coraline was born. Blueprint is just another word for expectations. 

My old lifecoach @sophia_davis_coach used to say that there is so much more available than we conceive and if we put a ceiling on how we feel things should be, then we are limiting what’s possible. Whilst I was planning so tightly, the rigidity was closing doors. A phrase of hers I loved, which I have quoted before is,

“life is the surgeon and you’re the assistant. You are trying to be the surgeon”.

She said to trust that the creative force of life and its energy will bring what I need at the right time and to make space for that. She said to trust that life is unfolding perfectly and to work with it instead of pushing against it or trying to control it. “Magic happens when you are living from the heart,” she said. 

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