Love, health, acceptance, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, joy, trust in life, openness, authenticity. These are the values which underpin my blog.

Openness. I would not have written this blog if I had been going back to work. As it was, I had volunteered to take “voluntary exit” from work so I knew I would not be going back after Maternity leave. I loved my job and I had been there something like 14 years. I worked with other countries and other cultures and I travelled with work. I really loved what I did, who I came into contact with and the values of my organisation. I sat on a pretty big floor of a hundred or more people, in our building of 800 or so people, in the heart of London.

So if I’d been going back, I’d never have begun writing my blog as I would have been afraid. Afraid, I don’t know, of what. Of drawing attention to myself. Of being seen. Of being anything other than not standing out. As I wasn’t going back I just felt this great excitement to write, as it was all I knew how to do and all I wanted to do that first week. I was happy for friends to read it and I wouldn’t need to come across anyone in the office and feel a bit embarrassed about it. Imagine I had been going back, I’d have never started writing, and I’d have lost out on so much. It just feels so natural and so much like exactly what I want to be doing. It feels real and it symbolises the connection Coraline brings between people. And I have embarked on something I always wanted to do. Writing. And actually it’s all walls we build up in our minds that needn’t be there.

Everyone I used to work with loves the blog and tells me so. I am glad I felt the liberty to follow my heart. My old lifecoach used to talk to me a lot about living from the heart, listening to the heart and choosing the path of love over the path of fear. #openness#authenticity #love #appreciation #gratitude#heart #heartliving #writing #parentblogger#mumblog #downsyndromelove#downsyndromeawareness

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