A slice of that


“The food at the wedding was phenomenal. I sometimes find myself daydreaming about that pork pie...,” wrote a friend to me this week.

Kevin and his friends made the food at our wedding in July. Thank you to @chefcalum, Executive Chef at @holborndiningroom for creating this pie for us for one of the canapés. I’ve pinched Calum’s 15kg pie picture post from back in July when he so generously made it for our wedding. What a pie! We felt so special and our guests adored it. It looked and tasted amazing. Sheer artistry! I love looking at photos of your pies @chefcalum; I get lost in the beauty of them! You are leading the way with your talent and innovation and we were all honoured to have a slice of that. 

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Thank you for the photo @mattywhitemedia