I feel that we are surrounded by many inspirational people with Coraline. Before having Coraline there are some figures who stand out as instrumental for me too. I am asking them to write in “Guest Topics” on the Blog to share and shape the backdrop for what’s around Coraline, and for her to read when she’s older.

I am so delighted to share this post today on ‘Leadership’ by @michellecarlin. It’s a brilliant read.

I am utterly fascinated by Leadership. I found in my job I was more and more fascinated by people and the people who made up my team and that valuing them, listening to them and celebrating them, was key to incredible performance as a team.

I see Leadership as being all about a team feeling amazing, excited about clear shared goals (written together as a team), having fun and really knowing each other. I know that this is at the fore of any brilliant team. Never have I met anyone who could bond a team like Michelle did. I had the privilege of working in her team for two years at King’s College London when she was Marketing Director.

I felt like I was in the presence of a master as unseen threads were woven around our team and through it, and we were so gelled. We were HEIST Marketing Department of the year under her leadership. I’ve used some of the things Michelle did with us over and over in teams I’ve been in since, to wonderful effect. I could write them here but the post would get too long! And I know what Michelle might say to that!

I remember once writing her a lengthy email and she replied and said, “ask me this in two sentences and then I’ll reply”. Sometimes moments like that are momentous in seeing a new way to do things. As I said, I was in the presence of a great leader and I’d like to say to Michelle, who is back living in Australia now, - thank you. I recognise all that you did and that you are one of the ones we are lucky to meet in life. The biggest thing is you made us feel amazing. And that’s what Kev and I are aiming for with Coraline, as her parents. #leadership #respect #appreciation #gratitude